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ZAU Grupp Hendelsbolag

Factory Zauber
Collection of home appliances and accessories, created by ZAU Grupp Hendelsbolag (Stockholm, Sweden), is the largest line of home appliances of steel in the world.
At the end of 2008, a range of electrical lines were 30 titles.

The main strategy of Zauber - is the development of new unique products of stainless steel together with the Danish Bureau of Industrial Design Seidenfaden. Each model is designed Zauber, has unique characteristics and unique style.

In 2009 a new range of irons in the original color scheme and a new Zauber Blu-style Swedish flag. All irons have a capacity of 2200 watts, auto, and a unique, patented in Europe sole Anodium - most durable soles of the now sold.

New motorized toaster-changing toaster, making it more morning - now the bread goes up and down on their own and very smoothly, and nerve jumping down toasts fading. New models of dummies have internal lighting and a completely unique design. Continue to sell the machine R-480, the development of which the company has taken more than two years and 112 patents. So far, R-480 is the most compact in the world coffee machine made in Europe for office, home and bar in an inexpensive price point.

In 2011, once again begins to produce ZauGrupp ironing equipment, which was not on the market since 2009. Have become popular models for clothes steamers make a highlight in this segment of the market. The most successful model in the line is the steamer Zauber PRO-270 i-Fordel, who became the leader out competitors.

Finally, a collection of 2013 Zauber Trädgård («tradgard" against Sweden - "Garden") - a new word in style items for hair care.

We work for you and create a reliable technique.

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