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Zauber MAX-210 Bekvamt

Zauber MAX-210 Bekvamt

Zauber MAX-210 Bekvamt

4.200 руб.


Handheld steam cleaner for home use.

Boiler capacity: 0.25 liters;
One mode of steam
Auto-off function without water Auto-Off
Steam deep cleans without scratching
Steam: Up to 28 grams per minute
Readiness for 2-5 minutes;
Working time: unlimited;
Voltage: 220V;
Power consumption: 1000 watts;
Maximum temperature up to 169 degrees Celsius;
Frequency: 50-60Hz;
Accessory Kit:
Mop head;
Nozzle for windows;
Angled nozzle for hard to reach places;
Hairy head;
Extension - extension hose;
Special nozzle for rag mops;
Funnel for water intake;
Capacity for water intake;
Power cord length - 3.85 m;

Quantity in the box: 3

Box size: 29 x 19 x 42 cm

Net / gross unit price: 1.5 / 3.2 kg

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